ARUN Garam Masala

ARUN Garam Masala


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Garam Masala is the Indian equivalent of French herbes de Provence or Chinese five spice powder. The recipe changes from region to region within northern india and can be varied according to whim. Here, rosebuds ( found in indian exciting flora note, but you can substitute black cardamom, fennel seeds ( in the sytel of Kashmir ), or a teaspoon of royal cumin ( shahi or kala zeera, also fond in Indian markets) or just eliminate the roses altogether. once you taste the difference that this simple powder makes in your cooking, you will find it worth the investment of cupboard space. As a rule ( one that certainly gets broken at times),

Garam Masala is only added at the last step of cooking, almost like fresh herb, because it tends to become bitter if cooked too long.

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